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Thursday, May 28, 2015

How Should Family Be Like???

How Should Family Be Like???

A happy family be like together,not like having a fight in your family and others.

There are lots of type in families like,serious,funny,always joke around,hygienic.Shouldn't  family be like together not fighting not yelling blah blah.

But family be like united and help each other always be happy and the most important thing the pride of your family.

Family be like tell the secrets like (If you have girlfriend/boyfriend,you smoked) or other thing you done you should tell your family so they can find the solution,still children think if we tell them truth they will kill us or beat badly but no they think for your own good.

Look i have a family too but i tell them truth so that's why i don't lie to them if i love some one i tell my family first or do something bad still i have to tell them i know they will not think or do bad for me,in case i have done serious damage to something,to someone or myself.

But some peoples think that their family are not with them at all so i tell them that you guys are wrong about your family if you guys do something bad the whole credit goes to your family not to you still every body need family

Today i am happy because i have a beautiful family,i pray for who doesn't have family may god bless them and those who have family please be thankful and great full to god 


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Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Side Effects Of Playing Video Games.

The Side Effects Of Playing Video Games.

some people thought that gamers have no life "BUT" they have lots of life to choose to live.

People play video games to increase their percentage of using brain,scientists research that the human use 10% of their brain,and I research that that playing video games help you to increase maximum 8.2% usage of your brain.

But they have to play game like arcade,strategy,science to increase their brain usage,if they play bad game like sexual game the left side of brain will stop using  the brain and then slowly,slowly the both sides of brain will stop working and then they will be sick and will be death soon.

While playing games some people got irritate,start to get depress and take stress and they take it so seriously they die because of it.

In China Japan a simple man playing video game of something then he get so stress,SO STRESS!!!! he died their on the place at a time,and when his parents were burring him he has a joystick of console attach in his hand then police said that "He played lot's of video game so he have an infection in his hand the plastic start to burning and after his death his joystick attach in his hand.

So Be Care Full While Playing Video Game 

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Friday, May 15, 2015

The Bad Usage Of Facebook!!!

The Bad Usage Of Facebook!!!

If children use Facebook so there have to be a sepecific reason,But some parents allow there children to use Facebook.

Still Mark Zuckerberg allow the age statement,he have to allow that only above 14 year old children use Facebook,or else they have to be punished by someone,because they misusing it and no one is there to stop them,if someone use it for bad habits they will grew as a bad person.

But privacy not help Facebook because someone easily hack other person account and use it blackmail someone who you doesn't know them still they hack there information and everything about them,and kidnap them,kill them,still police doesn't know about it.

If the hackers got arrested then the people will be in peace!!!

I research on Facebook and found that 67% of people got kidnapped,13% of girls got rapped and other 30% the normal usage of Facebook,still people don't care about it.

So i want to tell you guys that please stop the bad usage of  Facebook and stop others too!or else,still police don't care


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Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Speedster

The Speedster

Who is this speedster?
Running around the streets of Central City,this speedster people call him the Flash "The Man In Red",he help people from danger.

How he become Flash?
The two scientist Dr.Heresen Wells and Catlin Snow and the mechanical engineer Cisco Remon they built the particle accelerator to change the world history but suddenly it went wrong and explode and change some human to meta-human.

What are Meta-Human?
In the explosion of particle accelerator the human got powers and then the scientist call them meta human.

Who help the Flash?
The scientist help Flash,after he hit by the lightning bolt of particle accelerator he went in coma for nine months,so they help him become Flash 

                                                              If you guys want to know about more watch Flash every tuesday 8 pm                                                                                                                
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